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Safe and Effective 
Flood and Mold Remediation –
after Superstorm Sandy and other Natural Disasters

March 13 to 15, 2013

at the Seaview Hotel and Golf Club - Conference Center

Galloway, New Jersey (near Atlantic City, N.J.), USA

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Avoiding the second wave of Sandy Storm

In response to the urgent needs and public attention to health and safety concerns related to Superstorm Sandy clean-up and other natural disasters, this conference addressed concerns by many home owners, volunteers, NGOs, contractors and consultants. The Fungal Research Group Foundation, Inc., Albany, New York, brought together international and national experts to the people in the Tri-State Area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) and others.

Many people are affected by flooding, icing and wind storm effects to their homes, businesses, public buildings (schools, library, hospitals, homes for the elderly, etc.) that result in structural damage and unsanitary conditions, including growth of atypical molds. Any place affected by rain or snow, flooding from rivers or the sea, is vulnerable. We reviewed best practices and new technology to promote safe and effective flood and mold remediation, restoration and preservation of valuable items. We discussed what has been learned from past experiences with natural disasters as it relates to bioaerosols including mold, bacteria, bio-toxins and other recognized hazards. 

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Review of health hazards and prevention
measures for response and recovery workers
and volunteers after natural disasters,
flooding, and water damage: mold and

Eckardt Johanning, Pierre Auger, Philip
R. Morey, Chin S. Yang & Ed Olmsted

Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine - (2014) 19:93-99


Considerations for safe remediation after natural disasters with water
damage, dampness and mold in the USA and Canada

E. Johanning, P. Auger and P.R. Morey

Umweltmed – Hygiene – Arbeitsmed 18 (5) 2013 289
289 – 295 (2013)




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